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illustratrice graphiste freelance toulouse

Hello !

I'm Morgane.

I'm Morgane, illustrator from Toulouse, curious and full of ideas! ​


Since I was a  little kid, drawing has been my way of communication: I grew up with a pencil case and a notebook that followed me everywhere. The child who scribbles his school notebooks and spends his break hours on paper, that's me.


This passion doesn't leave me and after working in graphic design for two years, I decided to start as freelance illustrator. ​


Today, I work and create illustrations in the press, publishing and advertising sector.

My career

I spend my childhood copying the butterflies that my big sister draws for me. In my turn I slip whales drawings under her door when she studies. Growing up, I discover the manga universe and I spent all my adolescence creating my characters and their adventures. When I left school, keep my drawing studies seems obvious to me.

So I do five years of studies in graphic design and obtain a master's degree. I start to work in a communication agency as a graphic designer but I realize quite quickly that I don't  blossom. ​


Once my contract is over, I hesitate for a moment then I decide to start my own business without really knowing where I'm going. I start for a while as graphic designer and illustrator then I decide to focus only on what really makes me vibrate: illustration. ​


Today, I work for different illustrative projects in a colourful, vibrant universe and full of life !

illustrator graphic designer freelance

What inspires and interests me

When I was 12 years old, I discovered a book about the artist Alphons Mucha. I didn't know yet but this artist will become my artistic identity's pillar. A few years later, Gustav Klimt's work was added and my universe took shape around women and nature. I scribbled with pencil and promarkers then I discovered the graphic tablet and I fell in love with this new medium which didn't leave me until this day. ​

Today my inspiration also comes from travel. When I'm not drawing, I'm always on the move!

Take a backpack and go on an adventure, that's how I like to discover the life around me. I like to meet unusual places, breathtaking landscapes, new cultures and people. ​


It's these little everyday things, gleaned from travels, picked up in the artits's work, in the ways of doing things and seeing others that maintain my creative flame.

illustratrice graphiste freelance toulouse

How I work ?

Working with me is an accompaniment and a listening from the beginning to the end of the project.


After an first exchange by email and/or call, I'll ask you all the information to identify your needs and wishes.

Then I realize a quote with the time required for each realization's stage.


​ In my process, I generally start by doing an overview of the competition, then I make several sketches. Each step includes exchanges and feedbacks to jointly validate the progress of the project.

Once the proposal has been validated, I realize the different stages (color, cleaning, retouching, etc.) until its end. ​


We exchange to modify or validate your project until the result meets your expectations. I finally send you the final files and it's up to you!





My values

Why Songe Créatif ?

Songe Créatif (which means "creative dream") mention an universe with softness and imagination. It's the association of dream and innovation that needs to be realized. ​


This name convey the emergence of an idea that needs to be realized in the reality.

illustratrice graphiste freelance toulouse

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